Types Of Girlfriends You Should Keep in Your Life

Have you thought of what should influence your choice of girlfriends to keep in your life? Well, this is not an obvious choice. Each person you keep in your life will have a different social impact from the others. Girlfriends are generally seen to spark a smile due to their charming nature and the calmness they bring. These are the girlfriends you should keep in your life; a confidant, a cheerleader, a leader, a prophet and a comedian.

A confidant will listen carefully as you express yourself, will not judge you for what have done rather she will offer compassion to you. She keeps secrets and will not use the information you have shared to gain advantage or influence you based on what you have confined to her. The confidant girlfriend will easily earn trust and talking to her is therapeutic. When you are experiencing changes in your life this is the right girl for you. A confidant will console you through hard times and keep your secret matters undisclosed. A confidant girlfriend is a gift to anyone troubled.

A comedian will make ordinary moments exciting, in those occasion that we are angry, confused, and too formal and dull we need a comedian girlfriend. When we are overworked, stretched and bored the right therapy will be laughter or a joke that will have you blink from reality. When we miss those days we were young and nothing seemed to bother us and playful all the time, this is what a comedian girlfriend will spice your life with.

A prophet girlfriend will tell on things that have not happened yet, a prophet girlfriend will speak on their discernment without considering whether it is pleasing to the year or not. She might be seen to be rough and uncompromising from the way she delivers her vision. From time to time we are tempted lock such people out of our circles because of their stubborn nature, however, we need such people in our midst.

A cheerleader will stand by your side at all times, even when the rest of the world think you are off the rail. We all need a cheerleader one to applaud us even when our scores are low. A cheerleader is a gem, imagine a girlfriend who is there even when it is clear you are not going to make it. Goods moments is what we all desire to have and share with others but this not the case, life will at times give you your tastes a moment where we start considering giving up. Presence of a cheerleader can make considerable difference in low moment.

A leader will compliment your weak areas especially where you are scared of taking risks. A leader girlfriend will push you to the limit in an attempt to influence you towards meeting your target. Think of goals that you have always aimed at but you keep dragging your feet to head there, a leader is the ideal girlfriend in this scenario. A leader girlfriend is a go-getter, will break through social circles, and maintains a wide social and professional network. You will greatly benefit from her network when you to consult or link up with someone. Her tendency to influence you to keep going is remarkable, however, you should watch out and assess your breaking point to avoid getting worn-out in the process. Leaders are good at motivating and only see the end result. If you are considering effecting change in your life, be it that gym that you have over and again postponed to start or quit a habit a leader girlfriend is the one you should keep.  

The leader, the confidant, the prophet, the cheerleader and the comedian completes the set of girlfriends you should keep in your life. A leader will influence, a confidant will offer compassion, a cheerleader will motivate and a comedian will flash laughter.

Why pick one who is more of a partner than a friend for marriage

It has often been considered success when one picks his or her friend for a hand in marriage. But is it a societal cliche that has been sold to us for the longest of time due to our gullibility as humans,or does it points to a crucial consideration that yields bonuses when embraced?……………………coming SOON!!!

is There Need to Believe??

“The world will continue to rotate, day will turn to night regardless whether you believe in something, someone or anything..” this is how my friend blatantly puts it to me in my face. Today as we had a chit-chat with my friends,we all got lost into an un-ending discussion..it was all about whether it does anyone any good in believing in something whether in God as Christians do, in an ultimate being, in our instincts, in money, in wealth, in love, in families,e.t.c you name it.It is not surprising to hear that most people don’t believe in God but believe in a supreme being or an ultimate being. Worse of is that despite of not believing in God, Muhammad the prophet or  in other forms of god, people still have a high tendency of believing.But then, does it serve us with any good in believing..or is it that we as humans, have to seek some dependency on something due to our vulnerable ways of life? One thing that is clear in all that we believe in is that, we hold it dearly to ourselves, cherish it with all our hearts and the thought of detaching from it and not being part of our life, leads to discomfort and a feeling of lack of  identity. Secondly, having to believe means that there must be some degree of conviction, such that at the point of believing in something or someone, all others have been fully eliminated, and through personal justification guided by discernment, you now are okay with that. Thirdly, what  intrigues even  more is that,a believe is prone to change, it is bound to change, it can be easily swayed and furthermore, it can be ‘sold-out’ to other people. I don wanna be the one to pass a judgement whether having something to believe in places us in a better position, some of us tend to have it that way, others not believing in anything makes them independent from delusions that come along with the believe. Lastly, it is all about the comfort that is derived from all our choices and the responsibility of the decisions that we make.Whether the make or destroy us up to us.

“Young And Promising” V.s “Young and Vanishing”

m3 photo blame

Bad company ruins good morals”…the proverb says.Is bad company the only stakeholder in ruining the good morals? some inner voices tells me that a third party is involved in these topic.

To begin with,morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are “good” (or right) and those that are “bad” (wrong). ‘The key word is the differentiation of intentions’……this carrys the whole meaning and it’s where the contentious issue is lying.The second part is determining what is good and what is bad.How one differentiates his or her intentions and how they choose the right from wrong, sets up our ground of judgement on who is to carry the blame for the rising moral decadence in our society, and moreso to the youths.

Last night i was watching a programme where there was a heated debate on morals and the youths.The question at hand was who has gone loose, is it failure in parenting,the influence from the media,lack of personal responsibility,or even its just permissiveness among the youth?

One mans meat is another man’s poison, similarly, what one could really call good in their eyes, could as well qualify to be filth to another.But doesn’t something good remains good and something bad (wrong) remains bad. How good is good? and how bad is bad?.Does a justified wrong make something to be good? in answering these questions, a deeper understanding is reaped and squarely the answers lies between the person who is guilty and those that surrounds him or her.

As i was sitted there listening attentively to each interviewee giving their point of view,something in me repeatedly continued to whisper in my ears that, it’s a shared responsibility.”The patient may be the young lad or lady, but the surgeons to operate on the disease”(moral decadence) are all around the ‘dying patient’.They highlighted a number of evils starting from early engagement in sexul intercourse from the age of 10-years,uncontrolled alcohol consumption,homosexualism,lesbianism,shooting of unprohibited films(porn) in the name of money making,name them.

Like they say...the apple does not fall far away from the the tree, if the parents happens to have been victims of the same, it is not a surprise when their folks choose to take part on that path.If again they didn’t give the necessesary advice,then they faulted when laying the foundation,then its crystal clear that they  will assume the same line.

Similarly,the teachers who are the opinion moulders of the child in his or her upbringing didn’t take care on setting the  moral principles, they too have questions to answer and a part that they have played in the “script'(trending on wrong direction).

The media has ofcourse has played quite a substantial role in corrupting the good morals of our young men and women.The airing of questionable content without care of whose eyes it lands on,has been the greatest tragedy that we have experienced.The justification of that its a matter of personal responsibility and personal choice,remains vague and indespicable.Responsible journalism is not a request but a necessity to the society.It is tantamount to the whole population.

Lastly, of the greatest importance, remains personal choice,which has to supersede the other factors,it has to take toll.The intentions of partaking in something,solely remains with an individual.The definition of good or bad is autonomous, i mean it remains ones moral duty to acknwoledge what is good to be good and what is bad to be bad or wrong.One’s desires should be kept at bay and only be considered when positive intentions are purposed to give positive results.Let the young remain ‘young and promising’ but not ‘young and vanishing’!!!!!

6 Ways of Getting Prepared For a Test

martin 2 interview

Who loves tests in life, who can really claim that they find it easy to face challenges head-on,or who can thump their chest hard and tell the world that exams, interviews,interrogations form the best moments of their lives.Possibly none ( if there is) .

One thing is crystal clear here that such moments are quite bothersome,distressing,head-scratching and above all characterized with nervousness.This is because, despite of how well you could be prepared, you always find yourself running short of materials, wishing more time could be accorded to you before you face the bull by its horns.This to many, would sound unusual or one could conclude that they are not good in handling exams,interviews,test drives e.t.c. It is very normal though the pressure that comes along with it is tormenting.

Secondly,such moments provide a platform for one to reveal who they really are.It gives one a chance to parade their strengths and their abilities,it is a runway to po tray and show the world who and what they are made of.When taken seriously, it is time for personal building in terms of confidence levels,expressing oneself in the best way possible.It is at these time one has to put there best foot forward and get out what you have been holding onto.

To add to the list, many are the times we find ourselves trapped between our fears,yet we want to get the best out of these trying moments in our day to day lives.We let the fear of ‘how will they think of me’ envelop us.We cease and forget that its me who is at stake not them.We keep on living in the shadows of others over and over again.Self-doubts creep into our minds and what happens eventually is that we are stuck again in the murky water of mediocrity.It is these provoking thought that has fuelled me to give some tips of how well one could end up being at the end of the many tests we occasionally find ourselves in,

1.Be real- by these i mean,you have first to look into the mirror and say, this is who i am.Accept the fact there is only one you and you should be allowed to relish in your own uniqueness.Present the best version of yourself.

2.See the end not the beginning– visualizing the outcome,provokes your creativity,you simply don’t want to fail.Be motivated by dangling carrot in front of you just like the proverbial donkey.Make it that you can see that which is your target.

3.Use your mantra– (words that you believe in) having a phrase that you believe that has a psychological power over you goes ahead in giving you the right attitude for that time.Whispering them to yourself or allowing the words ring in your mind,stirs up your thought process.

4.Consult with yourself– this means before you swing into action,let every component of you be in agreement with what is to be uttered,that is,coherence of the mind and the body language.This boosts your articulation.

5. Be precise– factor in quality,be exact with what is asked or required of you,produce all known facts by you without giving contradictory information.This helps one not to get out of the scope of   the test.

6. Own up the test– if it involves demonstration, do it as if it were your invention and you want the world to know it.If it involves coming up with a script for marking,quote the relevant supporting information to show that you really did your assignment.Let the person under your scrutiny identify with your content.Let  his or her sense of logic fit into yours.

Lastly,tests make us stronger whether we pass or fail.It is the epitome of any learning that happens to us.Nobody who can tell of how good or a master they are in that field.It is a matter of stealing the moment in the best way possible that makes the difference.It starts with the way we tune our mind,the path we let our imagination trend on.Folly is sharing in the deception that one can acquire it in one day.It is trying,trying,trying,and not getting tired.

The Battle Of Genders…

The world revolves around two most influential entities, that is the male and the female. The two co-exist harmoniously though always in a ‘hunt’ for each other. They are ever in a silent battle. One that seems to never come to an end any sooner. The male always targeting the female and the female making the male its prey. Interestingly, is how they both do their hoax and coax in the battle field. The tricks of ‘combat’ makes every scene of the battle interesting and sumptuous.

It all begins at a very early stage of parenting, don’t ask me whether am teaching how to parent, am just a keen observer of the nitty-gritty from which i draw credible conclusions in line with the laid facts.

Take for instance, a case of a little boy and a girl in the same family…the baby girl is always given more attention. On seeing these, the baby boy responds by being a rebel and a bully to the sister. While the boy is told not to cry and its unmanly to cry, the baby-girl is soothed,given a warm rub on her back,and even asked to say what she wants.It all starts at our families.

Getting to school, the intellectual battle begins.The drama of boys are better than girls is set on.The dudes looking fierce to their counter-parts to prove a point to the females. On the other hand, ladies are all ready to prove them wrong.It is in these stage that things such as bullying,molesting, sexual harassment are seen prominently.It does not end hear,the ‘movie’ continues to unravel.Best scenes ahead.

Narrowing down to our social interactions in our day to day, the battle royale unfolds further. Looking at what behaviour is displayed by people in their local joints or in their favourite lounges, you will agree with me that the two sexes are ever in constant ‘fight’ fighting for recognition, fame,popularity,equality, status-quo,ego, power e.t.c.

A guy comes in a joint to at least have some few shots, he finds some fairly pretty ladies dressed seductively, whining and twerking their butt on the dance floor.They excitedly exchange some flirty greetings as they both affirm of how hot they look in their outfits.Without wasting much time they are sand-witched in the dancing crowd.With their sweaty faces, they chuck out to grab a drink.All along, their intentions are unclear to each other, but individually, both know what they are after.The guy is generous enough to buy as many drinks as possible, the lady is all smiles ‘chopping’ his money. The dude is quietly happy that the ‘prey’ is falling in the trap and soon will be a good catch for the day.

Both,trying to set up each other and at the same time,playing to be best of friends who the earth’s axis has just made it possible for them to meet.The  aim of the guy is to get to the ladies pants, while the lady is after chopping the guys money.

However,this is also evident in place of work.This is mostly seen where the boss is a female,all the gents feel like they are being ‘sat on’ and they lack their breathing space.They feel intimidated to be getting orders from a female boss.This worsens in the event the boss seems to be smarter than those who think they could make a better leader.One thing that is known to with women bosses, is that they don’t give room for sheer nonsense and always like things to be done in a legitimate manner upholding the virtues and morals. Contrally, men like to enjoy some kind of space where they can ‘breathe’ and these brings all the difference.

Whereas the fight continues silently,both sexes need each other. No matter the rift that exist’s with least of notice,the difference brings them together, none can boast of being in full control of the other,none can solely depend on themselves and this makes it even more interesting.The world is big but then it narrows to two individuals,two determinants,two sexes, that is male and female,man and wife.

The differences in how both male and female process their thoughts,how they perceive things does not give any justification to discriminate any of  them, nor should we bash one gender with praises of how better they are than the other.Both genders are entitled to acknowledge that,they may be different but have a common purpose, and that is to propagate life and not to always take part in their ‘un-ending’ war of superiority.

Resolution Harness’s Change

“A change is as good as rest…..” the saying goes,  but how good is these change. What really brings in these rest? Could the ‘word’ change be relative in a way. I mean what one would call change would ultimately differ from one person to the other. With change, sets in resolution.Talking of resolution,this could be viewed as the mission that one sets to achieve the kind of change they wanna see. They are the steps that one wishes to take through the long journey towards change.

All of us have at some point of our lives have made resolutions to at least cultivate change in some way, mainly if you have realized that something has gone wrong  somewhere and necessary steps can be taken to curb the mistake or the goal that was never realized. Lets fire our cerebral thinking and really get to understand what the essence of resolutions. Every beginning of the year is characterized by people saying that they want to make new years resolution, with lots of determination of the spirit and of the soul guided by our mind,  we sit down and get things flowing.

Comparison of the the past and that of the expected future gears in, critical thinking is thrown in to help the situation. Once we are all set and good to go,they are outlined down with the order of necessity and depending  with how crucial they are. Now on wards  the most involving part is how to implement what one comes up with. This is where effort and sacrifice comes in failure to which the whole thing amounts to nothing. You have to rub your eyes to open up,focus your commitment to the resolutions and least of all focus all your energies to achieving them. Is it done after one has put all is required, is there a need to acquire something else, i mean is it the achievement that one could yearn for ?

It is everyone’s wish to accomplish their set target in life, it is even more rewarding when you seat and look behind and see that all the impossible have happened and that you are a winner. Its so refreshing and worth breath taking, but if it does not change your way of doing things henceforth, then, it is equal to chasing the wind. Once resolutions are set, achieved fully or partially, they should form the base upon which we start to trend.What i mean, its not like a fight in a battle field, its like a war, one that after winning a battle you focus on the next,still retaining the strength and the tactics used previously and even emerging more stronger in the next one.

If you find that you achieved your resolution of last year, and now you have a list of them this year, those that you achieved previously, its good to uphold them this year too. I f you find you are back to  the mess you were in know that your setting of resolution is taking you no where at all means and cost.They are meant to make us better and better not taking two steps ahead and taking one backwards.

The whole point to New Years is not just to have a new year. But that we should be new, better and different people. That is why we exercise to RE-NEW our bodies. That is why we write GOALS to get a Renewed sense of our potential. That is why we make RE-SOLUTIONS because we resolve that there are solutions inside of us that we have not tapped into. So don’t waste each New Years season. Maximize it! Start fresh using a new perspective for it will enable you to tap into a new season with greater capacity.

Old Age knows What Young Age never expected..

“Growing old is just like letting off a beehive roll from a hilltop…” this is  how  my mom puts it while laughing it off. It looks funny but that is not the case when you get to weigh the simplicity of the statement. Much lies within it.

What really happens when you set  a beehive on top of a hill and you let it go? what is the reaction of the bees inside the hive ? what are the eventualities of the rolling ? these and more other possible questions carry the meaning of my parable. It is really an experience.  One that brings  along with it discomforts and anguish.

When one becomes part of these world,you are soon set on the hilltop in a ‘hive’, soon a year goes, another follows, yet another, and the’ rolling’ begins even without you noticing it. One thing that starts to crop up, is the craving to achieve as you roll downward before you reach the ‘bottom’ of the hill.

At the age of three years, questions starts to criss-cross your mind and you can’t help but air them out…….’ Mum why are the skies blue, why are the clouds moving, can i reach the end of the earth?these could be rather stupid queries, but very wise at that level. The next thing is that urge of wanting to be provided with everything that you want. If it is a baby- boy, a car-toy blows your mind, for a baby-girl, a barbie doll means the world to her.

As life continues, you begin to try your luck in the world of education, guided by the words of your loving and caring parents that education is power, and indeed it is. You begin to realize how helpful that could be in future. At these time, as one interacts with other kids, you also want to possess a bike just like your friends, you also want to dress just like them, i mean you don’t want to lag behind your friends. The craving continues to ‘eat’ you up little by little and still are rolling downwards.

Dreams and ambitions are the next phase that comes in, subconsciously, you want to have a well paying job, a respectful and faithful wife, or a caring and loving husband, a porsche drive, determining the number of kids you would want, i mean, the sense of determination sets in, goals are set and you hit the road.

Suddenly, it hits you that you’ve become of age,can take care of yourself,independence begs in, critical decisions come calling for your attention, it then and only then that the ‘rolling’ becomes tough  and seriousness is a necessity and a prime  requirement. Nobody is watching your move, disturbing questions that pertains to sensitive issues, you have to provide the solution to them.The ‘rolling’ is then at the three-quarter way towards the end.

Some long-lived dreams are realized, others are buried and laid to rest while new ones begin to chip in. But time offers some constraints, it takes the role to dictate to you what to do and what you wish others can do for you The pace of the ‘hive’ begins to slow down.

As a result of the ‘rolling’ and on arrival at the base of the hill, separation of what has been achieved and what was never achieved despite of the undying efforts..some goals survived the ‘rolling’ others ‘died’ on the way,some matured, others were chocked,and that makes life interesting and fascinating coming to such kind of a realization. As they say..old age never comes knocking…!!!!